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Nepal Australia, with the aim of supporting every child from the rural areas of Nepal, many of whom are now deprived of basic needs such as food, clothing and education, is seeking your support to sponsor a child in Nepal. We are the link that supports and aids the efforts through donations of helping children in the rural areas of Nepal.

It is essential to provide a healthy and positive environment for children to develop and become useful citizens and education is seen as a vital component. More than 29% of children have no access to primary education in Nepal. Thus, to ensure that every child receives an educatio we believe in helping schools and institutions to reach out to meet their needs. We are endeavoring to help local communities to have a better infrastructure which will open up opportunities for children to have better health and receive an education.

We are actively conducting several programs for supporting children in Nepal. Without your helping hand, we cannot accomplish our programs which are designed to reach out to as many children as possible. We believe every child has the right to live, learn and laugh. To make this possible, sponsor a child today by joining our child sponsorship program and support a child in Nepal. Your small contribution can make a significant difference and can change the lives of many poor and needy children.

Name: Niruta Subedi
Age: 8 Years
Academic Qualification: 3 Grades






Name: Sushma Shrestha
Age: 8 Years
Academic Qualification: 1 Grades






Name: Ranjit Shrestha
Age: 8 Years
Academic Qualification: 2 Grades






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